Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling

  • Currently LORO.CA only ships within Canada. Shipping options and delivery times vary depending on shipping location.
  • LORO.CA reserves the right to refuse delivery to remote or difficult to ship to locations, especially if not permitted by our Shipping Provider(s), Insurance Provider, or should the shipping method not satisfy protocol for shipping insurance.
  • Shipping, Handling and Insurance, are at the cost of the purchaser, and not the responsibility of LORO.CA; unless, otherwise mentioned.
  • All packages are insured by a 3rd Party Insurer, using strict protocol for shipping luxury goods. Any claims for loss or damage, are at the discretion of the insurer.  In the event of a loss or damage during shipping, please contact LORO.CA immediately in order to initiate your claim.  If the package cannot be located, the shipping carrier will initiate a trace for the package. This can take up to 4 weeks. When the carrier claims responsibility for the loss or damage of your shipped item(s), and should insurer recognize the claim as legitimate, an insurance reimbursement will be issued to LORO.CA, and the replacement item(s) will be shipped out. If the item(s) is no longer available, a similar item will be offered, and if rejected, LORO.CA will gladly refund your original payment.  LORO.CA cannot initiate remedy, until shipper and/or insurer complete their procedures for such claims, and reimburse LORO.CA.  No remedy can be offered until full settlement of claim is made and issued to LORO.CA.
  • It is very important that all protocol is strictly followed in the event a(n) item(s) are being returned, with an approved RMA. The responsibility to satisfy these requirements are solely on the customer.  If they are not satisfied, the shipment is void of any shipping insurer, and its delivery is at the sole responsibility of the customer returning it, including any loss(es), damage, or costs incurred.

Availability of Items

LORO.CA promotes and provides products on our website that are:

  • Typically Stocked items. Such items are either in stock within our inventory or within our suppliers warehouse, and are typically dispatched for delivery between 2-14 days from time of a processed which has passed our verification checks. Some items may be temporarily out of stock or on back order, which LORO.CA takes no responsibility for.  However, this will be verified soon after an order is placed, allowing for an opportunity to cancel the order.
  • New and incoming items. Such items are typically newly launched and/or in high demand. Such items can take time to receive and/or produce, and may be pre-sold to some degree, further decreasing availability.  We cannot guarantee the availability or delivery of either new or highly demanded products.
  • Special and Rare pieces. In some cases, we may only have one item available for sale or intend to receive one. These include rare gems, pieces of jewellery, timepieces, special editions, and limited editions.  We cannot guarantee delivery for such items.

On LORO.CA you will see an overview of all types of products mentioned above, so visitors can get a strong idea of product offerings, regardless of availability.  However, we make a strong effort for the majority of items offered, to be readily available for sale and delivery.